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Do you head up a company? Are you responsible for strategic company topics that depend strongly upon the competence of your employees and the organisation? Is people and organisational development a focus area for you?

Then questions like these are probably relevant:

  • How to create modern learning concepts that deliver business success?
  • How to design effective skills management?
  • How to introduce eLearning to company employees in a motivating way?
  • How to combine eLearning and classic training into an effective and efficient learning approach?
  • How to create needs-oriented learning - without creating additional needs?
  • How to manage learning processes in a pragmatic and effective way?
  • How to achieve an effective and efficient virtual collaboration and distance leadership?

Are you looking for solutions - structured, effective and pragmatic - simply smart?

With PhoeniaConsult you will gain a reliable and experienced partner. We consult and support you in designing an approach and processes aligned to your company. You can profit from existing experiences, as well as new approaches to meet your needs and requirements.

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Main topics

Skills Management

... an enigmatic term – and often used as buzzword In PhoeniaConsult’s understanding ...


... may irritate as term – why not simply training or professional development?


… since many years a trend topic with highs and difficult phases, but now mainstream.

Virtual teams

… as a leadership challenge

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